Thursday, April 2, 2009

YES Programme returns! March 28th: Final day

We learnt about writing a journal that can help us remember and choose what we do and appreciate what we have and who we are. We also discuss about the positive and negative thing for a person who is lost in thought. We also found out what is the meaning of aha moments.
We discussed why we are extraordinary and we learnt about the five qualities in special relationship. We also discussed what we don't want to give up in a relationship. I felt happy to know about qualities in a relationship and I want to improve my relationship with other people by increasing my respect and caring and making an effort.

Lastly, we came to the end of the programme. We met with the sponsor of the programme and we were given our certificate.

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YES Programme returns! March 26th: Day 4

We went to the gym and did aerobics. It was really fun and enjoyable even though it was tiring.

"I had to move all of my body especially my feet. It was really tough because I seldom do exercises," said Feezah, smiling.

The most exciting thing happened other than the aerobic was we meet DJ Ennie in the gym. We were introduced to her and she was really cheerful and friendly.

In the gym, we discussed what healthy people do and don't do such as healthy people do not smoke and drink alcohol and healthy people do exercise 30 minutes per day and they eat healthy food. We also learnt how to manage our stress.

Then, we went to Sumbangsih to buy our lunch. We had to choose our lunch wisely as we were given certain amount of money in order to buy our food. It was a difficult task to choose the lunch as there was a lot of delicious food. At last, we made up our mind and went back to the class.

In the afternoon, we learnt about relationship and what makes our relationship with other people doesn't last long. We also had a survey on ourselves to see how assertive we are toward people.

It was really interesting and we really enjoyed our day. =)

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Volunteer's corner: Afiq

"The participants were actually into YES Program. The instructors are still full of fun and they make things better. I would definitely introduce this program to my friends and spread it all over Brunei. Maybe one day the world will know about this program!"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

YES Programme returns! March 25th: Day 3

First thing in the morning,we talked about the thing that we value the most in our life. Then, we learnt what is barrier and what is bridge in communication. We watched a video about communication and we discussed whether it was a barrier or a bridge to communication. We did some aerobics as some of us felt sleepy.

Then, we played a game to give instruction on how to dance, how to draw a smiling face and how to change the water of the plant. We learnt how to follow the instructions that were given to us. One of the funniest thing that happened during this activity was that two of us were given chance to give instruction on how to make a delicious cracker sandwich with the provided items. The other two participants had to follow the instructions. This activity shows how sometimes we give instructions that meant something different than what we want. Therefore, we have to be careful with what we say when giving instruction!

We also did some exercise on how to put a negative sentence to a positive sentence and how to use more 'I' - statements. Then, we discussed on how to be a good communicator and how to be a good listener.

By the end of the day, I felt really happy and enjoyed with the games and the activities!

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Volunteer's corner: Afiq

"It is the third day and I noticed that they were actually speaking up for themselves. YES Program is still wonderful even if I did Module 1 last time because new people usually have a lot of interesting things to say. I sometimes learn from them and it will always be useful next time"

YES Programme returns! March 24th : Day 2

In the morning, all of us went to Tasek Lama which is quite new to us as some of us never go to Tasek Lama before. We also met a new friend named Eddy who come from Lumut just to volunteer in helping the programme to run smoothly.

We had a conversation about our own values and what values we want our children to have in the future. Then, we spent some time walking around the recreation area and took some pictures. Four of us; me, Nana, Fizah and Eddy were late so we were asked to play a game. In this game, I was blindfolded and my friends need to give a good instruction to me in order for me to get back to my starting point. I did it even though some of my friends gave wrong instructions. From this game, we learnt how to give a good instruction to other people. We can feel who is giving the right direction by knowing our values.

Once we were back in class, we discussed about our very important value in life. For example: for me, getting a very good education is my top priority. We also played a game which was also related to our values. It is an auction in which we have to buy the values according to our own perspective.

In the end, we learnt a topic on communication where there are senders, receivers, messages and feedback. At the end of the second day, we shared all of our feeling and what we learnt that day.

By learning this programme, I feel that it is so exciting, fun and I did enjoy it. We can improve our skills on communication especially on listening and giving instructions and we also know our values.

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